Easy One Financial Group Limited (“Easy One FG”, Stock Code: 221), listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 2002, has recently expanded its business into the financial services segment.

The recent name change of the Company to“Easy One Financial Group Limited 易易壹金融集團有限公司”identifies our new business development and direction of future development. Our penetration into money lending and securities service business marks a new era for growth. Looking forward, we believe our finance services business will become a blue ocean for the Group’s future development.

We have been striving to offer a full range of financial services to our clients. Our money lending services include mortgage and personal loans. Covering end-to-end mortgage process, the comprehensive timely loan service is one of the new initiatives to help the community realize the dream of home ownership. In addition, our brokerage service provides online trading platform, to offering clients professional solutions to clients, to helping them grasp every opportunity in the ever-changing stock market.

The Company integrates the advantages of advanced technology and traditional financial services, coupled with its professional team of financial and technological experts, to provide clients with convenient and efficient securities services.