Account Opening Procedure

1. Please read the Client Master Agreement carefully and thoroughly;

2. The Client’s Agreement and/or identity documents must be witnessed by and in the presence of our staff, or certified by any other registered person, such as Justice of the Peace, branch manager of a bank, certified public accountant, lawyer or notary public, with a copy of their Identity documents attached;

3. Please complete the Account Opening Forms and prepare a copy* of the required documents.

Required Documents

Document Individual / Joint Corporate*
1 HKID Card / Passport copies of ALL signers
2 Address proof* (e.g. telephone bill, utility bill, bank statement, etc. issued within 3 months) 
*P.O. Box not acceptable
3 Witness Identity copy (if other than our Company’s staff)
4 Financial supporting document (e.g. tax return, asset/income proof, saving book journal, bank statement, etc.)
5 HKID Card / Passport copies of ALL shareholders, directors and operators  
6 Financial supporting document (e.g. audited financial statement within 1 year)  
7 Board Minutes specifying the signing arrangements for operating the account  
8 Signature specimens of authorised Signers, Directors and Company Secretary  
9 Certified true copy of Certificate of Incorporation  
10 Certified true copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association  
11 Certified true copy of Business Registration Certificate  
12 Particulars of Directorship, Shareholders & Company Secretary / Latest Annual Return  
13 Letter of Confirmation / Minutes and other related documents for Company consisting of Corporate Directors  
14 Certified true copy of Certificate of Incumbency (applicable to corporation registered overseas)  
15 Certified true copy of Register of Directors  (applicable to corporation registered overseas)  
16 Certified true copy of Register of Shares/Member(s) (applicable to corporation registered overseas)  

*For corporate accounts all the supporting documents must be certified true copies.